About Me 

There are things that I love and do. Things that never come so easily but hard to let go. The past has become a big part of me, it shaped me to live more, having so much opportunities this time than before. Having a new mindset. To live life that is meant to be, enjoyed and be thanked for. For who I am not to enjoy life freely given. Who am I not to soar to new heights. When His love lifts me up, more than I thought I’d be. More than the beauty of summers and the waking of dawn. More than a heart beat is this life to offer. So why not be happy! This is what I came here for, to live in His love, to live in his presence.



Hana (A Short Story) 

                  “Why do you like that speckled fish? There were more                                                    dainty ones.” He asked late one night. 
                  “I think he’s alone somehow, he needed a friend.” I                                       suggested, never had any idea that those words might change       .                                                             everything. 
                He might think it’s him, that odd looking fish we were talking               about, but more than that it’s HER.  The one that’s been misunderstood,                            rejected and a disgrace ever since she was born.
                                        She’s my little princess, my Rose. 
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