About Me 

There are things that I love and do. Things that never come so easily but hard to let go. The past has become a big part of me, it shaped me to live more, having so much opportunities this time than before. Having a new mindset. To live life that is meant to be, enjoyed and be thanked for. For who I am not to enjoy life freely given. Who am I not to soar to new heights. When His love lifts me up, more than I thought I’d be. More than the beauty of summers and the waking of dawn. More than a heart beat is this life to offer. So why not be happy! This is what I came here for, to live in His love, to live in his presence.



Pedestrian lane

We met at the crossing near the famous diner in town. He smiled as he calls my name that moment as we pass by each other then waved goodbye…

I’m not Young Anymore

Those fine lines that threatens to appear each time I laugh

Those dark circles that won’t disappear how much I tried

The matted complexion of a once dewy soft skin

Makes me realize I’m not young anymore

Hiding beneath the layers of cosmetics I’ve mastered to use 

Of beauty bars and creams that seemed to work for a few hours

Doubtful if more could work just to bring it back

Oh, how the trends of the West affects me

But I’ve learned to love myself more

How so many things have changed through the years?

And the things that won’t really change 

The reality of it all, we won’t be young again

Those fine lines and the contours you have so naturally

The face you dreamt of since sixteen 

The exact confidence you never had before

And the smile you showed for everyone else to see, this is me now
*I thought about what to write for my college project and i’ve chosen this topic because this concerns everyone and it can’t be helped tho hehehe 


Be with me as I go towards you

Look at me as I come close

Those faint heartbeat you’ve heard

this tiny droplets you saw

It was meant for you

I am near, can I come closer?

Can I come near to where you are?

Can I see what you saw?

I felt so cold and I shivered

Shall I be closer?

I am closer than you think

Do you not hear me?

Those tiny droplets you see

I am here


Her walk was slow towards someone familiar. 

His height, his bulit, the one that’s been embeded on her mind.

That offish look that seems to stand out.

He is just that familiar.

That smile he wore on his perfect face as he gaze beyond the evening horizon .

That’s someone she knew?

But why is this man so different?

She’s getting closer now to this somewhat Medieval looking Prince, he felt her closer and he slowly turns around.

No doubt it’s him!

Just one look on that
pretty face.

Bearing that usual smile that penetrates in every fiber of her being.

She  was captivated, yet bore a distant look.

For she knew quite well, this would be a showdown: a battle of egos.  

*This is an excerpt from what I’ve wrote. 

What Different Really Is 

If being an INTP sucks!? 

I don’t really know. 

All I know is that I lived differently than most people and no one could understand me. 

It is like hoping someone could understand but, no, no one does and it ain’t fun. 

Not being able to communicate on emotional level and most feelings are so frustrating—and never gonna understand the depths of it like most people wanted to convey to me. 

So, I’m just gonna sit here and do my thing like nothing just happen a while ago. 

My friend, a best friend, closest to me, an  ununderstandable a bit to me, was talking about certain someone. 

I was like: 


Her: Do you remember him? 

Sorry the name isn’t familiar. 

So, this is about the little guy friend that wanted to have a relationship with her. 

I, however, doesn’t even have a clue to react, so I end up laughing. 

I feel like crazy, but she laughed anyway.

 I really have no idea I’m so bad about the emotional side of things. 

So, if you wanted to know about your personality type check out the Meyers-Briggs personality test and you’re good to go. 

To be honest, it wasn’t that bad to know more about yourself and to know how to improve it. Nothing beats self love. That is love yourself before loving your neighbors(that is someone you know). 

Beautiful Together 2


Have you seen how all of us tend to look only at someone else’s appearance and tend to over look  good character that others might have possessed.  

So yeah, sometimes, but being able to get along that good to someone is more awesome than forcing yourself to someone. 

It may not come with those sparks and all, but it’s all worth it. 

A friendship that will last is way better and less complicated than jumping into someone you barely know. 

So again I spied these two again and felt giddy about it, because they were just behind my back lately talking with about some random stuffs. 

Like a good ols friends they are. 

It’s so cute knowing that someone could actually jive so naturally without even trying. 

Not with those crazy sort of attraction but of pure friendship with each other. 

They may be friends but I actually find them cute. 

Laughing in sync like they were in the same worlds, sharing stories and stuffs, doing crimes together(that is bullying someone), and most of all laughing for the same things. 

It may just be a normal conversation and talking but still I wanted to know, would they fall for each other in the near future or continue to be close friends?